Secondary research is an extremely effective and often overlooked research methodology.  Today it is easier than ever to find information from secondary research sources because many of the sources are easily accessible through the Internet.  However, some of the information is very difficult to find and often difficult to interpret and digest.  At Hispanic Research Inc. we are experts in finding, digesting, interpreting, and organizing secondary research insight!


Are you looking for information for a new business venture?  Is your company just venturing into the U.S. Hispanic market?  Do you have a limited budget but need help in gathering information?  Do you need a report from a reputable independent research company?


Our custom secondary research services may be just be what you are looking for!  We can prepare a secondary research report that is specifically targeted to serve your needs.  Our consultants use our internal resources as well as information that is readily available from public sources.   The process results in a comprehensive and cost-effective research venue.


In conducting secondary research we gather information from:

  1. Published primary research findings
  2. Government information from public surveys and the U.S. Census
  3. Published information from industry associations
  4. Published industry articles
  5. Consumer publications like magazines and newspapers
  6. News wire feeds and press releases
  7. Consumer insight from forums, personal websites, and social network interactions
  8. Industry and consumer insight from Internet blogs
  9. Corporate shared insight and company websites
  10. Directories
  11. Books
  12. Our own internal data
  13. 25+ years of experience conducting research with Hispanics


We also provide a number of standard secondary research reports on several subjects at a very reasonable cost.  These reports are already written and can be purchased and downloaded through this website.  For more information on our standard prepared secondary industry reports please access our research reports section

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