To educate corporate America on the U.S. Hispanic market in order to eliminate prejudice and discrimination that stems from corporate ignorance. To give Hispanics a voice in corporate America. To eliminate divisiveness by helping Hispanics have a sense of belonging in the United States


Hispanic Research Inc. is a small minority owned business founded by Ricardo A. López. Mr. López started studying the U.S. Hispanic market in 1979 while attending college in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. His passion for researching the Hispanic community intensified when he started his first business, VRC Inc., in 1988. One of the services offered by VRC Inc. was Hispanic Research. Very few companies were taking the Hispanic market seriously in the 1980s and the business was kept under the VRC Inc. umbrella. In 1996 Mr. López felt that there was enough commitment from corporate America to justify a company dedicated solely to the U.S. Hispanic market. Hispanic Research Company started as a division of another venture, Qualitative Video Inc. The Hispanic research services became so successful that Mr. Lopez decided to stop doing business as Qualitative Video Inc. Hispanic Research Inc. was incorporated in June, 1999 in Edison, NJ. The company grew its client base and soon became a leader in Hispanic Marketing Research. Due to the number of clients based in South Florida, it was important to have a presence in the region. Otto J. Rodriguez joined the company to head its operations in Miami, FL in 1999. Today, Hispanic Research Inc. serves both national and international clients. The 2000 Census gave evidence of the importance of the U.S. Hispanic market in terms of numbers. Hispanic Research is here to provide insight into what these numbers are all about!

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How come some of the people shown on the left don't look Hispanic?

Hispanic or Latino is not a race.   There are Latinos of many different races and physical characteristics.  For more information see our FAQ article, Why doesn't the census include Hispanic as a race?, and the Latino Blog post Let's Stop Segmenting People by Race! 

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