It is often a challenge to conduct quantitative research in the U.S. Hispanic market, however, Hispanic Research Inc. has the know-how! 

Why is it a challenge?  Quantitative research is often too structured for the way Latinos prefer to communicate.  New Latinos immigrants are also unfamiliar with survey research or opinion polls because these methodologies are less common in their country of origin.  As a result, many Hispanics approach surveys as if they were an exam or a government form and proceed to look for a right answer to the survey questions.  For an in-depth review of common issues faced in Latino survey research please access the article Validity Concerns in Latino Survey Research

We use experienced bilingual interviewers that have been trained to ensure that they take every precaution necessary to avoid the concerns inherent in conducting Latino survey research.  Hispanic Research Inc. has developed a way of conducting quantitative surveys that ensures the following:

  1. Hispanics are interviewed in Spanish by recruiters that are working “in culture”
  2. The questionnaire is completely developed for the Hispanic market.  Hispanics find the usual approaches to be “complicated” and “too American”.  Our approach avoids the Latino tendency of complacency.
  3. A significant percentage of the Hispanic population lacks the education to understand and follow an intricate written document.  We use a less structured / conversational approach.
  4. Our analysis is conducted with a thorough understanding of the Latino perspective and our interpretation rely on 25+ years of experience interviewing U.S. Latinos.

We are a full-service research supplier that can handle all aspects of your quantitative research, including:

Hispanic quantitative research should never be conducted through self administered questionnaires.  Hispanics are not accustomed to the structure of a written questionnaire and many Latinos, who prefer to speak Spanish, cannot read it well because of a lack of education or because they grew up in this country and the Spanish language was never taught to them in school.  The most effective way to conduct quantitative research is through a telephone interview or through an in-person interview.  While in-person is often considered the best approach, it is often too expensive because there are very few locations where an “intercept” study can be conducted (many Hispanics live in urban centers like New York and Chicago where there are few malls to conduct intercept interviews).   Hispanic Research Inc. often recommends a telephone interview with a questionnaire that is specifically designed to accurately assess the Latino opinions.

Hispanic Research Inc. offers quantitative research services in all areas.  We are experienced in the following methodologies:

Our analysts can also manage your advanced research needs.  Some advanced techniques include: