Ricardo Lopez ModeratingQualitative research is extremely effective in gathering the opinion of Hispanics.

Hispanics generally communicate differently from how non-Hispanics interact.  Latinos usually prefer a more informal/emotional communication approach.  In interacting with each other Latinos strive to connect at an emotional level before any exchange of information takes place.  This tendency transcends all communication topics.  Even in commerce, Latin Americans often do business by befriending each other first, and then work out the details after the deal is practically sealed.  Latino communication relies heavily on non-verbal gestures, tangents, and storytelling.  Hispanics connect with each other by avoiding structure.  The communication thrives when it takes place in a typical Latino laid-back setting; and only then do Latinos feel comfortable in expressing their true feelings and opinions.  A rigid structure brings out the feeling of governmental or academia communication.  The way Latinos prefer to interact lends itself very well to qualitative research.

While focus groups continue to be the preferred qualitative methodology, there are many other qualitative research venues at our disposal.   Here are some of the methodologies we use:

Qualitative research can be used to gather information at almost every level in the marketing process.  Here are some commonly used designs and techniques:


More information on qualitative research can be found on the website for the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).  Ricardo L√≥pez, President of Hispanic Research Inc. is very well regarded in the qualitative research field and is a past President of the QRCA.