Ricardo A. López, President of Hispanic Research Inc., has been speaking to audiences about the U.S. Hispanic community for over 20 years.  Mr. López can deliver a custom presentation prepared specifically to serve your needs or he can deliver one of our standard  presentations that are already proven hits with marketers everywhere.  Either way you receive a powerful and insightful lecture that will entertain and educate your audience.

Mr. López has delivered presentations to anywhere from a handful of people in a small company to large audiences in national and international conferences.


Here we include a presentation that Mr. López delivered at the Marketing Research Association (MRA) conference in Seattle, WA (June, 2000).   The presentation deals with doing research in the U.S. Hispanic market and was intended for an audience of marketing research suppliers.  The presentation is included in its entirety as it was broadcasted over the Internet to the marketing research community.

Custom Presentations

Our custom presentations are prepared according to your needs.  They are often combined with information that the client has available through its own resources or with secondary research that is publicly available.  These presentations are extremely effective because they specifically address your needs.  If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will call you with a price quote.

Standard Presentations

Ricardo López has delivered these standard presentations to audiences here in the United States and abroad.   Timing is only subject to availability as these speeches are already prepared.  We have eight standard presentations that can be delivered:

If you are interested in a standard presentation, please contact us.